Weekly Bulletin

Main altar Photo credit: Hannah Badeer

Activity Calendars: March, April, May, June


  • External Solemnity of Corpus Christi PDF
  • Trinity Sunday PDF
  • Pentecost Sunday PDF
  • Sunday After the Ascension PDF
  • Fifth Sunday After Easter PDF
  • Fourth Sunday After Easter PDF
  • Third Sunday After Easter PDF
  • Second Sunday After Easter PDF
  • Low Sunday PDF
  • Easter Sunday PDF
  • Palm Sunday PDF
  • Passion Sunday PDF
  • Fourth Sunday of Lent PDF
  • Third Sunday of Lent PDF
  • Second Sunday of Lent PDF
  • First Sunday of Lent PDF
  • Quinquagesima Sunday PDF
  • Sexagesima Sunday PDF
  • Septuagesima Sunday PDF
  • Fifth Sunday After the Epiphany PDF
  • Fourth Sunday After the Epiphany PDF
  • Third Sunday After the Epiphany PDF
  • Second Sunday After the Epiphany PDF
  • The Holy Family PDF
  • Octave Day of Christmas PDF
  • Nativity of Our Lord PDF
  • Fourth Sunday of Advent PDF
  • Third Sunday of Advent PDF
  • Second Sunday of Advent PDF
  • First Sunday of Advent PDF